Ownership Policy

My ownership policy is simple, every picture that is on this page I have either created or have taken myself unless otherwise noted below the picture. This applies to all graphics, trail pictures, and lift pictures. This policy also applies to page design and content usage. There are conditions and full explanations of these terms below and if you have any questions please feel free to email me at bill@skilifts.org. Thanks!

All pictures on this site have been aquired through many different sources including myself. These sources are quoted underneath the picture that they have contributed IF I, the webmaster, have not taken them personally. Pictures that have no caption to credit anyone for their origin are all taken by the webmaster of this site. All pictures that have been added from sources other than the webmaster have been credited for taking them. Permission for these pictures was sought before they were used by the webmaster and a link to their website, (if they have one), has been added. Pictures uploaded to the forum become property of Skilifts.org and become part of the public domain use.

Content on this site is completely of my, (the webmaster's), own judgement from experience on the mountain. Factors of this are time of year, condtions, experience level of the skiier, and personal judgement of the trail and or lift. I welcome other information of past experiences of other people. All information will be capped in some way to credit the person's opinion. All opinions are welcome including bad opinions that contradict others that have been shown on this site.

Page Design
Page design on this site is of my own, (the webmaster's), design and construction. THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS TO THIS. Pages that have been constructed on this site we either derived from other sources and modified, or were created by the webmaster and may or may not match design other site designs. All pages on this site were completely scratch built and created in Microsoft Notepad.

If anyone would like to use these images for something outside this page, permission is granted as long as credit has been given to the webmaster of this site, Bill Wolfe. All other images are exempt from this policy unless otherwise stated.

All policies listed here are enacted to protect liability of users that have contributed to this site. If a person has contributed to this site, that person will be credited as they see fit. If there are any questions about any of these terms please email me at: bill@skilifts.org.

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