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Here at Skilifts.org we want provide you with a wide range of technical information and knowledge to help you and others understand the technical issues in the aerial lift industry. We also want to help you solve problems that you may face in the field. To accomplish this, we have set up a 'trouble shooting' section, which we hope you will find useful sometime down the road. If you have experienced and/or helped solve any technical problems or have some knowledge that you would like to share, we would appreciate if you could write up a summary of what you did and how you solved the problem by sending it to us at submit@skilifts.org. We would then post this valuable information into its designated section, making it available to everyone. We are still a small non profit website, but we hope to grow and provide knowledge to everyone out there. However, we can't grow without your knowledge and help. Our goal is to help make everyone's life easier and learn new things from peoples stories and experiences.

Trouble Shooting:
The Trouble Shooting section is designed for people who work in the aerial lift industry to help them solve problems that they may face in the field. This section covers a wide senarios ranging from warped bullwheels to grip slippage.

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Trouble Shooting

Facts & Figures:
This section covers the aspects of what all lifts have in common, such as towers, haul rope, carriers, sheaves, etc.

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Facts & Figures

This section contains technical information of cabin and aerial lift manufacturers. So if you wanting to focus on a specific lift manufacturer rather than browsing through the different lift sections, this is the spot. (Note: This section is NOT the section where you get information about lift manufactuers, instead this section covers the technical aspects of their lifts.)

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Detachable Lifts:
Detachable lifts are one of the newest and fastest growing types of lifts in the aerial lift industry. So we have decided to create a section to show you the technical aspects and the types of detachable lifts in today's aerial lift industry.

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Detachable Lifts

Fixed Grip Lifts:
Fixed grip lifts are still the preferred choice for most ski areas. However, like detachable lifts, they still keep on advancing, even when they were invented more than 60 years ago. This section covers the technical aspects and the types of fixed grip lifts that still exist in today's ski industry.

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Fixed Grip Lifts

Surface Lifts:
Sufrace lifts are no longer as popular as they once were when they were first invented; however, they are still have a unique character about them which everyone still loves. This section covers the technical aspects of surface lifts, ranging from rope tows to t-bars.

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Surface Lifts

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