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Chairlift Installation Pictures

We hope to expand this section this summer. Look for new lifts from Tamarack ID, Silver Mtn ID, Heavenly CA, Alpine Meadows CA and Kirkwood CA.

Eagle Peak Accelerator at Willamette Pass, OR:
Here are some pictures of the Eagle Peak Accelerator being built at Willamette Pass, Oregon. The lift was manufactured by Doppelmayr CTEC and installed by Outback Construction of Ashland, Oregon in 2002. The Eagle Peak Accelerator is a high-speed six-pack with an hourly capacity of 3,000 skiers per hour.

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Eagle Peak Accelerator at Willamette Pass

Quincy Express at Deer Valley, UT:
In the summer of 2004, Deer Valley had plans of installing the new Judge chairlift. However, there was a problem of where the lower terminal of the Judge lift would be located. For the lift to be successfully installed, Deer Valley had to relocate the bottom terminal of the Quincy Express about 200 feet forward. These are pictures of the relocation of the Quincy Express.

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Quincy Express at Deer Valley

Ruby Express at Deer Valley, UT:
The Ruby Express was manufactured by Doppelmayr CTEC and installed in 2002. The lift is a high-speed detachable quad with an hourly capacity of 2,800 skiers per hour. This lift replaced the former Ruby fixed grip quad chair and terminates at the top of Flagstaff peak.

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Ruby Express at Deer Valley

Chair 2 Express at Mission Ridge, WA:
Skilifts.org had the honor to hang out with Outback Construction during the summer of 2005 and document the installation of the high-speed quad that Mission Ridge purchased from Winter Park in March of 2005. Originally installed in 1985 at Winter Park by POMA, the lift was removed to make way for a new high-speed six-pack.

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Chair 2 Express at Mission Ridge

Sunrise at 49° North, WA:
In the summer of 2006, 49° North installed the former Shooting Star from Mt. Hood Meadows, a 1989 CTEC quad. The Sunrise quad has a linear length of 5,000 ft and vertical of 1,470 and was built entirely in house. (EXTERNAL LINK - PICTURE FROM SKI49N.COM)

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Sunrise Quad at 49 Degrees North

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