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CTEC restraint bars needed - 1984 triple v...

JHappel's Photo JHappel 28 Jan 2019

I'm looking for some restraint bars for a 1984 CTEC triple chair. Currently we have a mix of both the hyme style attachment (which I would prefer) and the pin style. I would buy either but would prefer to get the hyme joint style bars.


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vons's Photo vons 31 Jan 2019

Have you tried Skytrac, or do you need only a few?

JHappel's Photo JHappel 01 Feb 2019

I haven't tried Skytrac yet. Got a price from Doppelmayr of over $350 a piece! I'm only looking for a handful of spares but if the price is right I would buy 20 or more. The problem I'm having is with the pin style ones are made of thin tube and the welds on the bar that goes across the back (that takes all the abuse when it is flung up or when it bounces going under a depress) are breaking and after welding them a few times there is no metal left to weld.