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Bullwheel Splice on a Detachable

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Posted 15 November 2018 - 08:38 AM

For those not familiar a Bullwheel splice is done by using a long sling made from a scrap piece of haul rope that is set around the bullwheel at (usually the bottom) terminal with one end connected to a plate clamp on the the rope to be spliced and the other on one end of a set of pulleys used to draw tension on the line. The rope ends to be spliced are layed in a semicircle path on the ground, under the bullwheel and spliced in this position. After the splice is completed the newly spliced rope is layed in the bullwheel liner next to the sling and the rig detentioned thus freeing the sling. The advantage of this system is very easy to predict carriage position after the splice and the crew is usually working in a flat area around the bottom terminal vs on a steep hillside.

So this system works well on fixed grip lifts where the rope pathe is clear and the bullwheel exposed, but detachables it is usually not practical due to the rope path through the grip opening rails, etc so it comes as a surprise today seeing a Bullwheel splice being done on the new Ramcharger lift at Big Sky. Is this a new feature for Doppelmayr's D-line? is this possible on new LPOA lifts too?


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