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Bretton Woods Gondola Progress (March 2019)

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Posted 17 March 2019 - 07:47 PM

Hello everyone, hope you're all doing well.
Went skiing at Bretton Woods, NH this weekend. They have a base-to-summit Gondola in the works for the Mount Rosebrook side of the mountain. The B-chair (70's Heron Double) has been removed.

On the map - Where the Gondola is going to go. Notice the truncated Fabyan's Triple (it used to unload into High Ridge). Thought I was losing my marbles when I was skating across High Ridge and the upper terminal was not where I thought it was. [Image source : Skimap.org higher res at - https://skimap.org/d.../1541304736.jpg]
Attached File  BrettonWoodsMap.png (1.72MB)
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Bottom Terminal : Fresh Dopp Hardware
Attached File  GondiBtm1.jpg (417.59K)
Number of downloads: 145

Bottom Terminal From The Hill
Attached File  GondiBtm2.jpg (385.33K)
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Tower Footing As Seen From Bethlehem Express
Attached File  Footing1.jpg (612.47K)
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Presumably Another Footing, Covered In Snow
Attached File  Footing2.jpg (384.4K)
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Presumably Another Footing Covered In Snow (I'm just going off the orange ropes) Supposedly, this quad is staying in. Doesn't that tower look like it's a bit close? May be perspective.
Attached File  Footing3.jpg (594.63K)
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Top Terminal - not as finished as bottom terminal
Attached File  GondiTop1.jpg (258.65K)
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Something's Being Built Up At The Top
Attached File  StructureTop.jpg (429.88K)
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Fabyan's Triple New Top Station Site
Attached File  Fabyanunload.jpg (263.31K)
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Top Terminal From Below
Attached File  GondiTop2.jpg (237.22K)
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Bretton Woods has more construction pics on their website from the summer & fall. (https://www.brettonw.../Gondola-Photos)
They claim the lift will be capable of 4.9 minute ride times (!!!) [read : Bethlehem express is shorter, and 6.5 minutes] and over 13 mph (1,144 feet/minute) My guess is that won't be the final operating speed, doesn't make a lot of sense to run that fast every day.
I am surprised that the Bethlehem Express is staying in, I figured it would be replaced by the gondola. My guess is it'll probably still operate on weekends.
Article with more details : https://www.conwayda...48d72a1ec8.html

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Posted 23 March 2019 - 10:33 AM

Nice pics, donovan!
My YT channel for HQ videos of ski lifts in Ontario and beyond:

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