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Posted 24 February 2006 - 09:25 PM

Lift Mechanics, Lift Electricians, past and current Ropeway Technicians -
We do have an industry only section – past and present Lift Mechanics and Lift Electricians please contact Kelly via this site's message system for registration (see post below).
Forum policy is that images will not be viewable until forum registration is completed.
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Posted 13 March 2007 - 11:54 AM

Society of Ropeway Technicians
Press release and readers Q&A - 5

Society of Ropeway Technicians (SORT)

Its creed, principles, goals and standards will reflect the following –

A professional association to effect a more uniform development, practice, interest, and appreciation of tasks that ropeway technicians provide. SORT forums promote technical information exchange.

SORT shall encompass these ideals -
-To be independent from any agency or organization.
-To place honorable practices and the public welfare above all other considerations.
-To not harm any other members.
-To represent the views and objectives of our members.
-To promote proficiency through collaboration with other groups on matters of mutual interest.
-To facilitate information exchange through a structured network of technicians with a mutual interest.
-To develop, maintain and improve our relations with agencies of mutual interest affecting our industry.
-To support the tasks of a Ropeway Technician as an integrated part of business management.

Q- Who can become members
A- Anybody that is involved or has been involved with the technical aspect of ropeways

Q-How much does it cost

Q-If you were to summarize the concept of a Society of Ropeway Technicians what would it be
A – A professional group that is involved with information sharing with like minded technicians

Q-Why did you form SORT
A- From the past information gathered by Ropeway Technicians like you, it became apparent that a position with this level of responsibility must be viewed as a Profession rather than an occupation.

Q-Will this membership get me a raise
A-Its not likely that being a member will get you a raise – however, the information you can acquire from the Society of Ropeway Technicians will help further your professional worth.

Q-Will it get me fired if I look up SORT information during my work day
A-Accessing information gathered by SORT during your workday is up to the discretion of that individual.

Q-Say I heard 20 years ago the President fired all the air-traffic controllers, could he do this to us
N-No, we are a society, you can't be fired because of that societies' beliefs

Q-Beliefs? That sounds religious
A-No. We are a technical society

Q-Is this one of those groups sponsored by NSAA
A- No. We are independent from any agency; access is free and available 24/7

Q-Will you put on or contribute to any classes I take at seminars.
A-Yes, technical education is a goal of SORT

Q-Will I be able to ask a technical question at the website
A-Yes. That is SORT's main focus

Q-Will I be able to ask about a personnel or management issue.
A-Yes. However that will not be SORT's main focus.

Q-Will I be able to take more breaks during work if I am a member
A-No, you're ultimately under the jurisdiction of the state or agency for which you work. However it's possible you can find out how many breaks you can take by the reference material that may be provided by SORT.

Q-Do I have to go to classes to become a member
A-We encourage education. SORT will have many avenues of information for your professional development.

Q-Do you have any cool hats I can have
A-Not at this time: One of SORTs first goals is to fine tune and align information sharing.

Q-Will you represent me in a lawsuit against my former company
A-No, That is not a goal of SORT. However you may be able to find information that might assist you making that determination within SORTs many diversified members.

Q-Will I have to use my real name when I join
A- No - however if a member of SORT needs that information to help with the initial goals we will ask you for your name at that time.

Q-So everybody will know my name
A-No just the person asking for it

Q-Will I get junk email, letter mail and phone calls
A-No, only information you request is sent to you

Q- I looked up SORT in Google and you don't exist
A- From now until April SORT will operate as a sister site of skilifts.org

Q-Is SORT under skilifts.org supervision
A-No. However they do provide technical assistance with the web media portion of SORT

Q-Can I be excluded from SORT
A- Yes, if you don't adhere to the ideal of placing the public welfare above all other considerations.

Q-Can I use the information I gather from SORT to start another organization
A-No. That information is copyrighted.

Q-How can I use the information
A-Any information is for your professional use such as skill and knowledge advancement, it also can be shared or given to other members

Q-Are you affiliated or ever have been affiliated with any Tramway authority
A-No, but we welcome them as like minded members and would enjoy their input.

Q-How about OSHA
A- No - But SORT will have pertinent information gathered from public sources so that you will be able perform tasks more safely and efficiently.

Q-Will you print insurance records
A-No – Insurance companies are hired by individuals- that information is confidential between those parties.

Q-What if I want to sent you information about an incident
A-That is ok – we will confirm factual information before being printed. Also, if the incident involves a member being hurt we again only print factual information and no names can be released.

Q-What good is factual information – I want you to print all the dirty stuff too
A-Factual information can be used as a discussion catalyst in our safety and training forums.

Q- What if I want to send you my departments' pay scale
A-That is confidential information. Only the area can provide that information unless it is in a public forum.

Q-Can I tell you what my wage is
A-Yes if you feel that information is pertinent to a subject of discussion and will harm no other member

Q-If I am the area manager can I send you information on good rigging techniques
A-Yes, we will release information that we deem relevant to our members

Q-If I am the area manager can I send you information on other good practices we have at our area.
A-Yes, as long as they are technical in nature

Q-What if I have some criticism about someone or somebody that I would like others to read
A-If the criticism is factual and constructive that is ok but we will come to an agreement with editing it towards its content and anonymity if needed.

Q-Do I have to submit something occasionally to still be a member
A-No, but you're welcome to view or gather anything you wish, and remember, information sharing is a key goal of SORT.

Q-My buddy helped scrape paint from chairs 2 years ago. Can he join
A-No I am sorry but there is no midlevel membership and none is being considered in the foreseeable future.

Q-My neighbor builds chairs in the summer can he join SORT
A-Yes. He is considered a Ropeway Technician.

Q-How about his cousin. He is the head electrician of the company
A-Yes he is also considered a Ropeway Technician.

Q-Will you provide information to the public
A-The public will be able to access technical terms that are commonly used in the ropeway industry. All other information gathered by SORT belongs to SORT and will only be disseminated with discretion.

Q-If I view only the general public site can I become a member
A-No, at this time and in the foreseeable future the membership is based on employment in the Ropeway Industry.

see next post for contact information-

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Posted 17 November 2007 - 12:15 PM

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