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Help Topic: Portal Help File

Welcome, My name is Bill and I am the founder and owner of this website.

What you may be looking at could be quite confusing if you have never been here before. For some of you this is rather new and unexpected.

To give you just a little bit of history, I created Skilifts.org as hobby to just show my appreciation to the ski lift industry, to which I was once an employee. This site started small as a picture site and was no more than 25 megs in size. Two years later it has grown into a metropolis, with a discussion forum, online gallery, user blogging system, technical information and much much more.

In the fall of 2004, the forum was officially changed from a FORUM to a COMMUNITY, part of which you are seeing here. This site has grown with the help of viewers like you and will continue to grow as more users join and become part of the project.

Enough of the history, time for me to explain where to go from here.

The site is built in three major parts:

1. Skilifts.org website
2. Skitrails.org website
3. Discussion Community.

This PORTAL links them together.

Above you see a picture, this picture can be clicked to access the FORUMS or on the right you will see a NAVIGATIONAL BOX with a link to the FORUM there.
Below the picture are links to SKILIFTS.ORG and SKITRAILS.ORG, these will take you into their respective websites. Their links also appear in the NAVIGATIONAL BOX to the right.

The PORTAL also will import news/announcements from the forum as well as list the latest discussions happening in the forum. Multiple links will appear and disappear and the PORTAL will be an ever changing welcome page to the site.

Don't be afraid to click a few links and look around, there is over 1 GIG of information stored on this website, and it will take you hours to see everything.

So... go enjoy yourself...

- Bill Wolfe