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New Lifts 2020

DonaldMReif's Photo DonaldMReif 29 May 2019

I believe Aspen Mountain's Pandora high speed quad is going in next year, and maybe also the proposed Shadow Mountain upgrade.

I think the Golden Horn platter at Aspen Highlands has also been pushed back to 2020.

Sun Valley's Cold Springs upgrade is tentatively scheduled for 2020.

Breckenridge has a project "pending approval" for an infill lift on Peak 7 (which sounds like it might be some sort of high speed quad to allow Peak 6 traffic to bypass Peak 7 base): https://www.fs.usda..../?project=55905

boardski's Photo boardski 10 Jul 2019

Maybe new lift 6 at Loveland and possible new Hsq on backside of Eldora main mountain.

DonaldMReif's Photo DonaldMReif 03 Aug 2019

Breckenridge's proposal is a high speed quad (built by Leitner-Poma) running from the junction of Lincoln Meadows and Monte Cristo up to the top of the Independence SuperChair.

Document: https://www.fs.usda....LT3_4670587.pdf

Map: https://www.fs.usda....LT3_4670396.pdf

Allan's Photo Allan 19 Aug 2019

Here's the construction updates for the lift we're building this summer:


boardski's Photo boardski 27 Aug 2019

Sounds like bubble hsq replacement for Big Burn.