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Callao, Wilderness Guide 2006

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    Callao, Wilderness Guide 2006
  • okemopoma and family
  • Bigbird in Wintergreen
  • Lastest Kicking Pic
  • My nephews and me
  • Hiking the Mist Trail
  • Bike ride on a fall day
  • Me and a mule named Sally
  • EagleAce on the job
  • EagleAce and family
  • snwman61 w/daughter and grandson
  • Me with cube of pil
  • Terri & I
  • Grant (crazyskier91), riding the outpost gondola at Keystone
  • Christian (heavenly_romer) skiing Mammoth in July
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    Christian (heavenly_romer) in front of avalanche gulch
  • Christian (heavenly_romer) on top of Mt. Shasta a year later
  • SkierSage at aspen
  • Kicking @ halfpipe (SFEG)
  • ZackyJeff Golfing
  • ZackyJeff At Kaaterskill Falls
  • ZackyJeff At Kaaterskill Falls
  • ZackyJeff At North Point, NY
  • ZackyJeff And His Brother...
  • ZackyJeff On The Snowlite Express